About Veronica

Veronica is a Holistic Nutritionist who practices functional nutrition therapy, lifestyle medicine, and behavior change to help her clients become in-tune with their unique wellness needs. 
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science (Dietetics Concentration), a Masters of Arts degree in Health Education (Holistic Nutrition Specialization), and a Graduate Certificate in Health Coaching,Veronica is passionate about taking a natural, whole food and lifestyle reset approach to managing many of today's chronic illnesses. 
Through the use of specialized testing from urine, saliva, blood and stool, personalized wellness solutions and root causes to current health issues will be addressed.
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Autoimmune
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Concentration 
  • Specialty Diets
  • Weight-loss
  • Digestive Imbalances

Many chronic disorders can be managed through lifestyle change. The conventional medical model  primarily focuses on addressing symptoms through the use of medications and procedures.  Veronica's focus lies in digging deep to uncover root causes while utilizing nutrition to support the body throughout the healing process.

Counseling and Coaching Sessions


Counseling and coaching sessions with Veronica are client driven where strategies are co-created, with health education playing a major role.  Each session will  empower the client and allow them to make informed decisions about food and lifestyle choices that are best for them. This collaborative approach has help many clients really moving the needle toward seeing the results they desire.  

Weight Management

Weight loss and weight gain is difficult if the diversity of gut bacteria is limited. Gut bacteria have an impact on weight loss or gain. Many weight-loss programs set their client's up for failure with low fat, low calorie, high refined carbohydrate meals and snacks. New evidence is showing that high fiber along with quality fats and protein is a more sustainable solution to weight management. There is no one size fits all diet solution for everyone. The ideal diet for an individual will be the one that produces the desired results.


All too often we are told that our mental health is a reflection of neurotransmitter imbalance. In reality, mood disturbances are closely linked to nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, chemical toxicities, hormonal imbalances, an infection, or food allergies.  

The New Approach

Veronica's holistic approach can accommodate the needs of individuals and families. Results are maximized when the whole family is on board and actively involved. The counseling sessions can take place in person at the client's home or office, over the telephone, or via teleconference.  

  • The pricing for each session factors in pre and post session activities such as menu planning, research, ordering lab kits, and follow-up communication.

  • Goals and personalized action plans will include lifestyle changes with recommendations for food substitutions, and upgrades.

  • In some cases, supplementation may be recommended. 

Health Education
For the past eight years, Veronica has been educating individuals and groups on the concept that real food is medicine, and how food like substances are often the root cause for many chronic illnesses.
My Story


For many years I suffered with my autoimmune disease with no guidance  from conventional medicine about how dietary and lifestyle choices can have a dramatic impact on the quality of my life.  By playing the role as my own health advocate, I have spent the last five years looking at my health through a functional medicine lens and learning about root causes and contributing factors to disease.




Functional medicine does not address disease by suppressing or covering up symptoms, but it addresses the root cause to correct imbalances. Functional medicine is proactive in treating and preventing disease. It also focuses on lifestyle and behavior change to correct many chronic diseases that are a result of modern life.

Today, I have great energy, no digestive issues, a clear mind and I want to share what I have learned from research as well as my personal experiences with others.  Every day is a new journey and a new experience, so let's embrace it and take charge of our health!



Education & Memberships 

JFK University

Pleasant Hill, CA

Masters of Arts in Health Education (Holistic Nutrition Specialization) and Graduate Certificate in Health Coaching 


National Association of Nutrition Professionals

Sacramento, CA

Member since 2015

San Jose State University

San Jose, CA

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Concentration in Dietetics