Nutrition & The Healing Process

The human body encounters inflammation on a daily basis, from the foods we eat to the environment we are exposed to. Inflammation is a part of the healing process, but chronic inflammation can fuel disease and impede healing from injury or illness. Learn how certain foods can keep inflammation down while other foods can fire it up preventing you from feeling your optimum best.

Join us on Wednesday September, 19th 2018 at 6:15pm at the New Health Chiropractic Center to explore this topic and answer any questions that you may have about inflammation, nutrition and healing.

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Gut-Health Connection

Are you struggling with health issues that do not resolve or seem to accumulate over the years? Are you ready to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle but aren't quite sure how to begin? Taking a nutrition and lifestyle reset approach can have amazing benefits and a positive impact on health issues. Hippocrates stated over 2,000 years ago that all disease begins in the gut. Learn how the gut plays a role, and is often the root cause in influencing mood, digestion, skin, the immune system and weight management. Discover which foods and lifestyle habits can have a positive or negative impact on your life during this 4-part workshop on the Gut-Health Connection.

Instructor: Veronica Wimer, MA

Holistic Nutritionist & Health Educator
Certified Health Coach

Community Center: Republic Room 4 weeks | $67/$55 (resident

5/10 - 5/31  6:00 pm–7:00 pm